UNITY comes as a result of the offering that 24/7 Worship brings unto Jesus. This is the expression of the Harvest! By meeting with HIM at the appointed times of God // PASSOVER - PENTECOST - TABERNACLES // a way is made for the establishment of 24/7 Tabernacle of David Worship & Prayer in our cities, states and nation. Hundreds are crossing denominational lines each year to take part in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David that weakens the spirit of religion.

As well, spiritual darkness is bowing it's knee because He is revealed in HIS CHURCH with the High praises of God in our mouth which silences the enemy and the avenger. We believe that worshippers who come to offer their giftings and talents, leave these engatherings full of passion and zeal to carry on the Vision of seeing God glorified night and day, and when God is glorified, He draws all men unto Him.

The 'Tent of David' which God has spoken about in Acts 15:16-17, was where the worship took place for this one week under the heavens. And because nearly every denomination of the Body of Christ comes together in such unity with their worship, we know it captures the Father's heart. We know we aren't the only ones establishing 24/7, but we greatly desire to lead to cause and connect with ministries that are as well and making this our life's passion and joy! These 'places' where God has chosen to rebuild, are being established so that the rest of mankind may seek Him. But it's more than a place, it's a people. A people who know who they are in Christ and who love His presence and take it to the world!


To be instrumental in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David so that 'the rest of mankind may seek the Lord." Acts 15:16-17

  • To practice obedience concerning the Feasts of the Lord and to come together 3 times a year at Passover, Penetecost and Tabernacles

  • To host workshops and training venues about the Feasts and awareness of "His appointed times" Deut. 16:16

  • To teach, equip and mentor this New Generation to become the 'true worshippers of God" John 4:23-24

  • To root up and tear down any traditions of man that make the word of God of no effect Jer. 1:10. To replant and rebuild.

  • To be catalysts that ignite unity in the Body of Christ

  • To reproduce the Vision in each state until all are celebrating in unity with Israel, the Feasts of the Lord

  • To be vigilant in purpose, flint-faced against adversity, consistent in word, bold in evangelism, and abounding in LOVE until the world sees His Kingdom alive and well in the earth!