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Year of Transition- Year of Exciting News!

As we felt the shift at the end of 2018, our 12th year, we knew things would be different for 2019. We first could sense God would be closing the doors to us at the park. And then it wasn't long before we as a family realized God would be "birthing" something new... and with that are coming the birth of 2 babies!!! Haley, (Kelly's daughter) and her husband Cory, are welcoming their 3rd son in the next few weeks, and Megan, (Tracy's daughter) and her husband Joe, are preparing to bring their 2nd son into the world sometime DURING the week of 7 Days!!!! GOD KNEW!!!

With the unified feeling of release from the park, please note WE WILL NOT BE CONTINUING AT THE SAME LOCATION IN GROVEPORT. God has been so gracious to open up a place for us to gather for the week of celebration.

So, with the joy of the season coming with new life in this ministry, a change of location and God actively speaking, we are going to be intentional about the fellowship and resting in His presence more this year with a modified schedule. It will be released in BLOCKS  and as times are filled, subsequent times/dates will be released. The order will be as follows:

  • Thurs 10 PM-Sun 12 AM (Ohio Tent America- Columbus location)

  • Thurs 3-6 PM & Sun 2-6 PM

  • Wed 3-6 PM

  • Tues 3-6 PM

  • Mon 3-6 PM

Partnering with Awaken the Dawn & Tent America 2019

From 10 PM on Thursday Oct. 17th through 11 PM on Saturday Oct 19th, we are hosting the "tent city" for the state capitol of Ohio. If you have any questions about this schedule (Thurs . 10PM - Sat 11PM), please contact Priscilla Wan (614)216-1280.