Tent of David

For 8 years, we worshipped in a white tent, a symbol of purity; out under the heavens and under the stars. In our 9th year God asked us to give more preeminence and give center stage to the 24/7 worship. Since then, we have kept the Tent of David inside the Paviliion He has provided us. But now in our 12th year, WE ARE TAKING IT BACK OUTSIDE!
Regardless of where we worship, one thing that hasn't changed is that it represents a place of rest for the King and it is adorned in His beautiful presence. We call this place the 'Tent of David'. This is where the Lord has instructed us to establish the rebuilding of David's Tabernacle. A spiritual rebuilding of what was spoken of in Acts 15:15-16. For 24 hours a day, and throughout the entire 7 Days, appointed worshippers will be there ministering unto the Lord. 


      The Tent of David is comprised of the following: worshippers that are skilled musicians, singers and dancers, exhorters who bring unity through reading and praying of scripture, and are guarded by gatekeepers and governed by porters. They are the ones that have been mandated to fulfill the vision for 7 Days of uninterrupted praise. This is not for your entertainment or enjoyment as 7 Days of Praise is not a concert, conference or seminar.  Those ministering will be giving up offerings of a different kind than we would expect at those events. These ministers have dedicated and prepared themselves to stand their watch, worshipping the Lord for 24/7. Their focus is not on the ones who have gathered around, but upon the Lord only; He is the audience of ONE they entertain.  He is their constant focus.
       These worship teams are representatives from all over the state of Ohio and this nation.  You will see them changing the guard every 1-2 hours. As the Exhorter begins to read aloud the Psalms and Hymns in scripture, a seamless transition should take place and the flowing of the Spirit should not be broken. Their constant mission should be to tear down strongholds over Ohio through their ascended worship. As God has called these to come, they have become part of a Judah company of believers; worshippers that understand whattheir worship is doing in the heavenlies and ushering in a tangible manifestation of His Glory in the earth. It is their goal to honor God by celebrating Him at His appointed time.
      Porters and Gatekeepers are always on the grounds to see to it that 'not one moment falls to the ground' as was spoken in the mandate God gave us. These spiritual authorities cover the 24/7 worship and pay close attention to the ones who are serving and have the authority to approach any situation in the 'Tent of David' and surrounding areas that may have unknowningly gotten off track from our purpose of pulling down strongholds through worship. This is why it is a requirement for each worshipper that takes a time slot, to understand the mandate the Lord has entrusted to us. These details are scripturally depicted in 2 Chronicles 23 and I Chronicles 9:21-29, they were to keep watch over what took place in the house of the tabernacle. For 7 Days of Praise they will be entrusted to 'protect' the anointing, keeping the things of the flesh from entering in. 
Worship Coordinator: Tracy Sullivan