• “Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm for My worshiping army to gather together in a place that I will choose to offer up relentless, uninterrupted praise. 

  • Raise up a tent likened unto the tent that King David pitched and offered 24/7 worship under the stars, under the heavens.

  • Blow a trumpet in Ohio for all Church leaders, tell them to release their people for one week a year at a time that I shall choose to worship Me and I will bless them.  I want to break the bonds of wickedness in the midst of their households of faith. 

  • Blow a trumpet to the Tribe of Judah.   I have called Them to lead this nation in a Celebration of The Feast of Tabernacles for one full week out of every year until I come. Deut 16:16, for I Am ready to rebuild the Tabernacle of David and restore it, that the residue of men might seek Me.  Acts 15:15-17 

  • I have chosen Ohio, to lead My nation in the Restoration of theTabernacle of David, and I will set it up.  Ohio has been chosen because a sound of Praise is in her and she has My Heart. 

  • Choose out of their households of faith, not less than 42 worship groups to carry out this mandate of worship; choose them according to the heart of My servant David, for they will devote their portion for the week.  They understand sacrifice and know how to pull down strongholds.  They have practiced my praise.  Command them to purify themselves from the world, for this time is set aside unto Me.

  • Appoint Porters to watch over the Music and the Singers, to govern each watch.

  • Appoint those who are given to Exhortation, to fill in the gaps, during the changing of the guard; it is their responsibility not to let one moment fall to the ground during this transition.

  • Appoint Gatekeepers to watch over the 24/7 Worship Tent, to keep the defilement out, and to communicate the needs of the watch."
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