• to be the leaders of a movement that will be instruments of restoration of the re-building of the 'Tabernacle of David' that the residue of men might seek after the Lord. - Acts 15:16-17, and to be known as radical worshipers, who pull down strongholds of the devil, and create through consistent, relentless praise, an instrument that open the gates into the heavenly realm

  • to practice obedience to the voice of the Father as he has revealed His will to us concerning The Feasts of the Lord and to come together at His appointed times each year to celebrate them and glorify Him through worship 

  •  to  hold workshops and training venues that will bring understanding of the feasts in order to bring awareness of the 'Appointed Times' of the Lord.  God's word has always been clear about coming before Him on His Holy Days. - Deut. 16:16 

  • to raise up a 'New Generation' to become true worshippers of God by teaching, exhorting and mentoring them so they will be fully equipped to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father Seeketh such to worship Him. - John 4:23-24
  •  to 'root up', tear down', 'replant', and 'rebuild'- Jer. 1:10 any traditional teachings of man that make the word of God of none effect

  •  to be cataylists to ignite UNITY in the body of Christ
  • to reproduce the vision in each state until all are celebrating the Feasts at the same time each year and thus coming into unity with Israel and her feast times. 
  • to be vigilant in purpose, flint faced against adversity, consistent in word, bold in evangelism, and abounding in love until we see this vision alive and well in the earth.


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