History of 7 Days of Praise
Ohio's Celebration of  
 "The Feast of Tabernacles"


In the winter of 2004, the Lord appeared to me in a vision.  He began to pour into my spirit and said write it down.  Habakkuk 2:2-3
"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets.  That he may run who reads it, for the vision is yet for an appointed time: but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie, though it tarries, wait for it: because it will surely come, it will not tarry."


The following words came forth and I wrote as I was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  It came in the form of a mandate; not just to me, but for Ohio and the nation.  
  • "Blow a trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm for My worshiping army to gather together in a place that I will choose to offer up relentless, uninterrupted praise.
  • Raise up a tent likened unto the tent that King David pitched and offered 24/7 worship under the stars, under the heavens.
  • Blow a trumpet in Ohio for all Church leaders, tell them to release their people for one week a year at a time that I shall choose to worship Me and I will bless them.  I want to break the bonds of wickedness in the midst of their households of faith.

  • Blow a trumpet to the Tribe of Judah.   I have called Them to lead this nation in a Celebration of The Feast of Tabernacles for one full week out of every year until I come. Deut 16:16, for I Am ready to rebuild the Tabernacle of David and restore it, that the residue of men might seek Me.  Acts 15:15-17

  • I have chosen Ohio, to lead My nation in the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David, and I will set it up.  Ohio has been chosen because a sound of Praise is in her and she has My Heart.
  • Choose out of their households of faith, not less than 42 worship groups to carry out this mandate of worship; choose them according to the heart of My servant David, for they will devote their portion for the week.  They understand sacrifice and know how to pull down strongholds.  They have practiced my praise.  Command them to purify themselves from the world, for this time is set aside unto Me.

  • Appoint Porters to watch over the Music and the Singers, to govern each watch. 

  • Appoint those who are given to Exhortation, to fill in the gaps, during the changing of the guard; it is their responsibility not to let one moment fall to the ground during this transition.
  • Appoint Gatekeepers to watch over the 24/7 Worship Tent, to keep the defilement out, and to communicate the needs of the watch."


As He spoke to me about the Tent of David and the  24/7 assignment to worship, I soon could see that this place was the heart of the Vision.ญญญญญญ 


The Lord began to pour into my spirit His thoughts concerning these sacrifices of praise that He had commanded in the following words: 

"I have not been glorified in your public streets, your highways,

and byways as the other Gods. Worship ME!"

Glorify ME!  I AM HOLY!


I AM the King of Glory!



Am I not the ONE who made you after MY image?

Am I not the ONE who holds back the ocean and tells it how far it can come to the shore?

Am I not the ONE who ordered the heavens? 

Praise ME!

Make a joyful noise unto Me!

Make a sacrifice of thanksgiving unto ME!

Make a place of Habitation for MY Presence!

You are My Sanctuary!"

Praise ME in the Dance

Let everything that hath breath, Praise ME!



"I long to abide IN you, IN your Temples, IN your cities, IN your fields, and outside the walls of your manmade sanctuaries!" 

"Give Me the calves of your lips; give Me your bodies as a living sacrifices of praise, that I might still your enemies, and set your captives free." 

"Come before Me at MY appointed times and seasons at the place I shall choose.  (Deut 16:16) and I will appear unto you.  I want to abide in you and make my glory known unto you; your praise makes a place for Me." 

"Set a single eye upon ME during your 24/7 days of praise and let not one moment fall to the ground, for your relentless praise will pierce the darkness and My glory will fall.  An open heaven will appear before you and an entrance will be made through praise. You will be able to enter into the 'Open Gate' into the heavenlies."

I  was given the next phase in details as I saw it.


We were to erect a replica of the 'Tabernacle of Moses' like the one in the wilderness.  We were to build all the furnishings and put them inside to show and tell the people so that they might have understanding.  We were to  place outside fencing all around these articles or furnishings and the tent just like it was when Moses set it up. It was to be done according to the same pattern that was given on the mount.   We were to build the tent or covering for the Most Holy Place and in it, put the Ark of the Covenant.  These of course are not the real items, but a type of them to show the New Testament saints.


He showed me the Most Holy Place and the veil that separated it  from the Holy Place or Inner Court .    There were 3 articles of furniture in the Holy Place,  the Lampstand or Candlestick, the Table of Shewbread and Golden Altar of Incense .

The  Outer Court was where the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice and the Brazen Laver  were to be placed, it was also called the congregation of the saints.


 In 2007, the first of this type of celebration, we were to show the people the pattern and as the Lord chooses, we were to teach on each article and give the spiritual meaning for each, these articles are called types and shadows which point to the true. 


What we were to do next?

At the beginning of each new day, which was the evening,  we were to sound the shofars and call them  together from all over the 74 acre park for the evening processional. we were to gather at the opening of the Tabernacle of Moses each evening as the new day began.


While shofars blasted continually and as the people would gather in, a prophetic enactment would begin to  take place.  King David would appear with his 4 priests, with dancing and shouting and rejoicing they came into the Tabernacle in our sight and entered into the Most Holy Place. 


The four priests that David brought with him picked up the Ark of the Covenant and put it upon their shoulders and began to carry it out of the Tabernacle of Moses,  the processional had begun.


I heard music and dancing and shouting coming out of the saints as they processed with King David and the Ark to the Tent of David where the 24/7 worshipers have been offering up spiritual sacrifices.  These saints who offer these spiritual sacrifices daily, interchange positions every 2 to 4 hours and do it seamlessly.   All forms of pageantry, such as banners, and flags were to be brought out to glorify God.


This is what God showed me and this prophetic act tells the story of the transition from Old Covenant to New Covenant.   It shows us that it is first the natural and then the spiritual.  From law to grace.


His orders for this celebration were to begin on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles and not stop even for one moment until the 8th day; which is the Water Libation Ceremony.  The Water Libation is a ceremony that the priest of Israel made unto the Lord annually at this same time, to offer up celebration, thanksgiving and praise for the former and the later rain for the wonderful harvest. 


The week will come to conclusion after this has all taken place.  The Lord has, and always will be, pleased at the observance of  His  Feast of Tabernacles.


So to bring understanding of all that is going on in the park, we offer teachings throughout the daily workshops and preaching of the word through various forms of the worshipping arts during this enitre week. We are to fellowship with our families and walk in love and unity with each other, laying aside our religious differences.  


We are commanded in Deut 16:16 and many other passages to separate for one week a year and celebrate Him in this greatest of all feast.  The Lord has commanded it and He will not repent!  The children of Israel would come out  away from their homes for 7 days and build themselves sukkots or small coverings and live in them as obedience unto the Lord, this would continue year after year.   The Lord commanded it so and now He is demanding it of His 'Spiritual Israel' spoken of in Galatians 3, who walk by faith and have received the promises through faith and as the seeds of Abraham.


Why would the Lord want this? you may ask.  Come out and hear the teachings and get understanding of why the Lord has chosen The Feast of Tabernacles to raise up the Tabernacle of David


This call, this Vision is to be sent out to ALL worshipers; to ALL believers.


Looking back on what the Lord has done... 


The Vision was for an appointed time.  I had received it in December of 2004 and it was to be released in the fall of 2007.   Ohio heard the call and the mandate to worship and we secured the date and the place and made it ready to receive them.    They came in late September of that year and they brought their families and they praised Him with their banners, flags, music and singing, rejoicing and dancing for one full week.  It was glorious!


The evening processionals were beautiful and the anointing was felt. We were all inspired  to remember how the Ark of the Covenant was where His Presence lived and His Power resided.  He is our "Ark" now and His Spirit is the abiding presence.


Each and every day we had sweet fellowship with each other.  We ate and sang and talked about His goodness.  O how sweet His Presence was upon us during that week.  Some of the saints stayed in tents and RVs for the entire week, while others came out in the evenings to the tent services where various anointed ministers from across the state and nation preached awesome messages from God.  They were truly messengers of God for this time.  The dancers danced for him, the choirs and the musicians played and sang continually. 


The tree lined driveway was arrayed with beautiful colored pennants and the trees on the park gave her fall colors.  We all rejoiced at the sights and sounds that came together for a magnificent praise unto the Most High.  It was truly a wonderful time in the Lord.  People were weeping at the thoughts of returning to their homes.  Miracles happened, day after day; physically, mentally, spiritually~lives were changed forever.  Those of us who heard and obeyed the mandate were truly blessed that week; we will never be the same. What we had experienced was a true glimpse of the Spiritual Kingdom and the Love that abides there. It is His Resting Place, His Habitation.


Ohio, please respond and obey the observance of the greatest of all Feasts of the Lord this year

7 Days of Praise

The Feast of Tabernacles

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We will experience untold blessings as He makes His Power available to us.



Naomi Schneider

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