Naomi Schneider, Visionary

My mission is to teach, exhort and bring edification to the Body of Christ through the word and music.  My desire is to bring the knowledge of  praise to the saints so they might understand how to be armed and dangerous against the forces of evil.  I want to equip the saints of God to worship until that knowledge causes them to arise and take the Kingdom of God by force.  I will continue doing the work of the Kingdom until I have seen the children of God actively possessing their inheritance.

I am so privileged that the Lord has given me the Awesome vision for 7 Days Of Praise. God will take insignificant individuals to pour out His Glory upon the earth. In 2007, the vision was experienced on a 74 acre park here in Columbus with worshipers from all over the state, raising through praise the Tabernacle of David.  I will continue to guide the vision as the Lord instructs, for surely He has given the mandate that  Ohio would ignite the nation in raising this Feast of Tabernacles Celebration unto Him every year until He returns. He has promised in Deut 16:16 that if we obey His appointed times for gathering, that He will make an appearance to us and we know what that means, that His Glory will come. 
This is not an everyday vision, this is that which was spoken in the book of Acts chapter 15, that he would raise up the "Tabernacle of David " that was fallen.  'Why?', so that the rest of mankind might seek the Lord. Some men will not seek the Lord until they have seen His glory.  My friends, when the Lord is exalted, our enemies flee.  When praise is lifted up, oppressed men are set free.  Psalm 8 declares that God has "ordained, or established  PRAISE, because of our enemies"  
I will continue to ignite and unite the saints and encourage them to set one week aside as HOLY unto the Lord every year, as He has commanded according to Deut. 16:16. 

I was ordained under Greater Emmanuel Ministries, in Columbus, OH and has been trained in Biblical Studies under New Covenant Ministries of Columbus, OH. I currently serve in the role of an Apostle for the House of Praise Ministries that was established in 1987. I love to teach on many subjects, but some of my favorite are "The Power of Praise", "Knowing Who We Are in Christ Jesus", "The Tabernacles of Moses and David" and "The New Priesthood".  In all of these teachings my goal is to establish in others the heart of a warrior.

I reside in Columbus, OH with my husband Bill and our dog, "Georgie Boy". We have 3 wonderful children-Kelly, Tracy and Billy who all reside with their families in the central Ohio area. 

Be blessed as you read the Vision, and join us...let's create an open heaven through worship and unity for 7 Days as HE has commanded .
In His Love,
Naomi Schneider
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