Worship Leaders

Hello Fellow Worshippers!
In the months of Sept/Oct, the Tent of David will be filled with the songs of heaven and your time is requested. I am sending this call out for scheduling purposes to the worshippers who have joined us in years past and those who have shown interest in taking part with us for the first time. I'm fully ready to get these spots filled, but I'm more interested in these spots being God-filled with who the Lord has already ordained for this year. This is where I need your help before I can sign you up for your requested worship sets.

1)Each Worship Leader must read and understand the Vision and the role each worshipper plays in leading worship in the Tent of David

2) If you have never lead worship before at 7 Days, PLEASE click on this link, NEW Worship Leader Agreement & complete it if you are interested in taking a worship set

Previous Worship Leaders: All you need to do is Click HERE and SIGN UP, as you have already filled out a 1-time application, complete with a reference. Please do not wait until the day before to schedule your times. I will be contacting those that participated in the last few years. 
New Worship Leaders: Once I have received your application, I will forward your Pastor / Spiritual Leader a reference form that must be filled out and returned by them. We usually do this via email, but I've been able to do these over the phone too. Please let them know of your intentions to participate beforehand so they aren't receiving my email by surprise. As well, feel free to share with them why you want to be a part of the Tent of David this year. 

NOTE: We cannot process your application until we receive a reply to our Pastoral / Spiritual Leader Reference request, so please don't delay in getting your portion completed. 
If you know of someone who hasn't yet been a part of 7 Days, but you feel this year God is putting them on your heart, then I encourage you to share the Vision with them and how it's affected your life. Keep in mind, they would need to meet the 3 criteria outlined in the application.
Bless you and I look forward to hearing from you soon! If you have any problems with the application or just questions in general, don't hesitate to let me know:)
Tracy Sullivan
7 Days of Praise- Worship Coordinator