Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
  • $50/week


  • $10/day

This will help us provide restroom and shower facilities as well as the limited electric hookups we've been able to provide to our campers in the past. These facilities are not guaranteed, but we provide them, and so we ask for your help with this. We will be collecting the fees when you arrive and handing out camping passes. Please be advised that there is limited electric hookups, and it's a first come-first serve basis on the electric, so please reserve your spot ASAP.  Since 7 Days only operates on love offerings, we must be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us and ask for anyone wishing to stay and camp to contribute for their use of the facilities we provide. In addition to your camping fee, we ask that each paid campsite brings the following donation for the restroom facilities:

  • 6 pack of toilet paper
  • 2 rolls of paper towels

KThe camping fees can be kept low as long as we have enough donations of paper goods. This is a community event; community supported and community run. All donations are used to keep this place available FOR community use.

Camping fees must be paid in advance at the 7 Days RegistrationTable. It will be open SUN. Sept 23rd AFTER  the evening processional. Regardless of your uncertainty now of how long you plan to camp, you must at least pay the $10 rate the first evening you stay. If you want to continue a day-to-day reservation, your $10 daily rate needs to be paid prior to that night's stay. Below you will need to read our camping guidelines that are outlined to ensure you can adhere to them before planning to camp on the grounds this year. 


  • Cash 
  • Checks: made payable to "7 Days of Praise"
  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover
  • PayPal via our website
PAYPAL Users: You can pay in advance via Paypal; just follow this link on our donation page. Once you are directed to the Paypal site,  just add a "NOTE TO SELLER"--> 'Camping Fee' . Include your email and phone # as well in the comment box provided.

GENERAL CAMPING INFO: If you wish to camp this year, we want to remind everyone that it is primitive camping. We have limited space for tents, campers and RV's.  There are no water hookups available and we hope to have electric hookups again this year for your small fans/heaters. Plan also to bring lanterns for the evenings as there is limited lighting in the areas designated for camping. We ask that if you are planning to camp, that you contact us via the email below no later than FRIDAY Sept 21st for planning purposes. We are anticipating more campers this year than in years past, so please RSVP soon. Remember, everything is on a first come-first serve basis and everyone working at 7 Days is serving on a vounteer basis. We appreciate your understanding in advance if there are interruptions or changes to the accomodations once you arrive. 


Even though we do have a few showers, and indoor restrooms available, you must bring your own toiletries. Please be aware that personal items such as toiletries and clothing are not permitted to be left in the restrooms. Use your campsites to store these items. On that note, we encourage you to bring a shower tote or caddy to carry back and forth from your campsite.  We will have a set of guidelines for everyone to sign once they arrive and we ask for all the campers and their guests to abide by those guidelines. You are welcome to bring your own food. However, food can be purchased in the Judah Cafe'.  We do not provide paper goods such as plates, napkins, cutlery. These are reserved for those purchasing from the Judah Cafe'. No grills or cookers are provided for your campsites, but you may bring your own as long as they are contained.  

  • Campers & tents can be brought to the park as early as 3PM on Saturday SEPT 22nd for setup purposes only, but this could change due to status of electric setup, so verify with Kelly Letner first (

  • Contact us in advance if you are planning to bring an RV or camper so that we can hold a spot for you

  • Tent campsites are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't delay in coming out Saturday to setup; campsites for tents cannot be saved

  • 1st night of official camping will be the 1st night of event (SUN- SEPT 23rd)

  • Camping fees must be paid in advance of your stay

  • No one under the age of 18 may reserve a campsite

  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to stay without adult supervision on the grounds 

  • ALL campsites need to be emptied by no later than 8pm on the night following the event (MON OCT 1st).

    • ​All items not picked up by MON. OCT.1st, 3PM will be donated to charity or thrown away

    • Label your camping gear and all items brought to the park  

    • We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items

    • The 'Lost & Found' tub will be emptied by the end of the day MON OCT. 1st.

  • Keep camping pass visible on your campsite at all times

  • Vehicles must be kept in the parking areas

    • ​You may pull your vehicle up to drop off your camper or camping supplies, but you must move it immediately after

    • Do not park your vehicles under the trees as we have falling walnuts that may damage your vehicle

  • ​The driveway must remain clear at all times

  • Tents need to stay within the designated areas as we have neighboring homes that cannot be disturbed

  • Noise should be kept at a minimum while in the camping areas 

  • The swings and basketball court are available for your children to play on, however, please do not leave your children unattended without supervision while at 7 Days of Praise

  • Please pick up your children's playground equipment, bikes and toys after each use and return them to your campsite

  • Campers need to be mindful that the grounds west of the Pavillion ( areas around the Prayer Porch, Tabernacle of Moses & Tent of David) should be treated with respect in regards to noise

    • Excess noise on that side of the Pavillion will be addressed by someone on the 7 Days of Praise Ministry Team.

    • We ask that parents and guardians keep a watchful eye on these young people so that no correction is needed by one of our team members 

  • NO CAMPFIRES are permitted at individual campsites; personal grills and cookers are only permitted for use of cooking food. (Please keep a filled water bucket nearby)

  • A large community firepit has already been designated for campers use; please use firewood provided on grounds 


  • Fires built in the firepit must be accompanied at ALL times by an adult. (Please keep a filled water bucket nearby) 

  • We reserve the right to have any out-of-control or unsupervised fires extinguished

  • All trash must be placed in sealed trashbags and placed within a trash receptacle on the east side of the pavillion

  • ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL on the premises

  • All smoking and vaping needs to be away from the campsite area, Pavillion, Tabernacle of Moses, Tent of David and must be extinguished in an appropriate container.  

  • PETS- We have been asked about bringing dogs for the week and this is our policy.

    • Your pet needs to be on a leash if outside your tent or camper.

    • Pets are NOT PERMITTED inside the pavilion, near the Prayer Porch, around the Tent of David or Tabernacle of Moses.

    • If you wish to walk your pet, it needs to be around the complete perimeter of the park only and you must immediately pick up any mess your pet makes.

    • If your dog barks continuously, leaves messes that haven't been picked up, or is aggressive with people or other pets, then we will ask you to take your dog home. We don't want to disrupt the atmosphere we are trying to create and these situations we feel will contribute to disruption and chaos.





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