7 Days Event Overview

Every Sept/Oct, worshippers from all across the Body of Chist gather together at 7 Days of Praise~Feast of Tabernacles Celebration in central Ohio. With the Purpose of walking in obedience to the Mandate that God gave in 2004 to a small, unknown ministry in Columbus, Ohio, we convene to celebrate one of God's appointed times, but also to teach and train on how to lift high the name of Yeshua~Jesus, and to empower a movement of worshippers who will understand how to pull down strongholds through their praise and worship. In essence, we want to see the fulfillment of Acts 15:16-17, that speaks of the rebuiding of the tabernacle of David.
We also want educate about the Feast of Tabernacles, and to show how the children of Israel would have faithfully set up the Tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness and kept God's holy law.  We, however, are now free through Christ and live not under the law and can go directly to the Father through the sacrifice of His son. So each evening we will re-enact the celebration that happened when King David brought the ark of the covenant back to rest in Jerusalem. Scriptures tell of the extent to which he and the chosen people of Israel worshipped God and what he did once he got the ark back and pitched a tent which is now known as the Tent of David.
The HEART of the Vision  is the Tent of David and we are compelled to see it filled with relentless praise and worship for 168 hours straight. Without boasting in talent or calling, every worshipper (singer, musician, dancer), exhorter (one who reads the psalms), gatekeeper and porter (ones who will 'protect' the anointing and stand as 'watchmen' for the sake of vertical worship unto God) will prepare their hearts for their times. They will rotate round the clock and faithfully serve without recognition, but the Father in heaven will know every second that they worship. As worship goes hand and hand with intercession, we always want to offer a place for this important piece of our lives. A beautiful area known as the Prayer Tent will be prepared for you to spend time in that week to offer your petitions to God. Many powerful testimonies have been told about times spent there. 
In addition to these tangible displays, and 'show and tell' of scripture, we also offer Workshops  where more teaching, preaching and presentations are used for the purpose of edifying the body. Children's Ministry will be offered at select times during the week for ages 5-12.  Teens will be blessed to experience fellowship with other teens who are sold-out for the Kingdom and Judah Live, a worshipping arts ministry team, will minister on the weekend. As well, they will be serving food in the Judah Cafe'. 
Judah Cafe', which started out as a ministry of Judah Live!, serves the 7 Days of Praise corporate family, as they help to meet our dining needs for the week. Dozens of families come the whole week of 7 Days and when they don't have to leave the park grounds to eat, it's a great blessing.  In years past, churches, ministries and even individuals have donated meals to the Judah Cafe' so food purchase costs can be kept down. A daily menu is always posted so you can plan your day if you are one who will come and go throughout the week. In addition to donated meals, there will always be snacks and drinks available for purchase. Judah Cafe' can accept CASH, VISA. MC, AMEX and Discover.