Calendar: Passover Gathering

March 30th-March 31st

OHIO...please join in! Remember His Sacrifice.. Celebrate His Presence ......starting the evening of Friday March 30th!

Beginning Friday night we want to come together at the time of His choosing. He has called us to 'Remember' His sacrifice. What better way to fellowship as His body than to worship and seek Him in prayer for 24 hours. We will end with a Love Feast on Saturday night. It is no coincidence that this is also Good Friday, a day when believers 

WORSHIPPERS- take an hour to bring Him your best. Sign up information will be posted starting February 1st. 

LOVE FEAST- We ask that each family contribute to the meal by bringing 1 main dish, and 1 side or dessert. Paper goods, cutlery and drinks will be provided. 

FIRST FRUITS OFFERING- Each year we bring our best offering. This offering will be designated to provide a means for the 3 Feasts of the Lord to take place throughout 2018. Your generosity will also bless locally in the Body of Christ, as well as on a state and national level.

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